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The latest statistics do not bode “optimistic” scenarios: almost 125,000 two-wheeled vehicles stolen – and reported – in this year alone. It seems that a bit like scooters, even our beloved two wheels are in the sights of thieves. Not all, be clear. Only some specific categories, the most beloved would be said: let’s talk about the super sports cars, made to disappear also to feed the spare parts tour in second place among the most stolen naked, followed by some enduro model.

It is also true that, although damaged, some of the missing vehicles are later found by the police (the percentage of findings is around 27%).

Seen like this, ours looks like a war bulletin. In reality, it is a cautionary warning: an in-depth analysis aimed at making you reflect on the safety of your bike and the thousands of ways to protect it from the bad guys.

This, therefore, is the top 10 of the most stolen motorcycles in Italy, in 2018.

The top 10 of the most stolen bikes of 2018

In tenth place in the ranking of the most stolen motorcycles in Italy in 2018 we find the Triumph Speed ​​Triple, a naked English three-cylinder. During this year, 653 have disappeared; 189, instead, the rediscovered. Congratulations! After all, this ranking works a little on the contrary: the lower it is, the better it is.

In ninth place, the Yamaha XT. The Japanese enduro holds the record of stolen motorcycles, later found: the police recovered 33% of the 657 stolen bikes. Happy owners!

For the Kawasaki Ninja, positioned in eighth place in the ranking, we take into account both the enhanced version, the ZX-10r, and the mid-displacement version, the ZX-sr. 722, theft; 105, the findings.

The seventh position for the BMW R 1200GS, given the enormous number of registrations, 15,100, its palatability is also higher than that of the last 3 of our top ten. There are 750 thefts registered, while 146 vehicles were found.

The Ducati Monster is the first and only Italian in the ranking. The Borgo Panigale naked was registered about 6,000 times, stolen 803, found again 228. Sixth position for her.

In fifth place, the Kawasaki Z 750, the second naked, very much targeted by thieves: 948 were stolen, but only 160 were found.

The Honda Hornet is only one step from the podium: fourth position. Combining the 600 and 1000, in addition to some old 900, the thefts settle on the 989 units. 256, instead, the recovered ones.

We now came to the top 3 of the most stolen motorcycles in Italy in 2018.

On the lowest step of the podium, in the third position, there is the Suzuki GSX-R. Thefts, counting the different displacements, exceed one thousand units: only 12%, instead, the percentage of finds.

In the second place, the Yamaha YZF: recorded 1,522 thefts, 225 finds and a higher number of registrations, amounting to 4,217 units.

And the winner is …

The Japanese sports car Honda CBR-RR, from the 125 to 1000. The Tokyo super sports car boasts the most stolen bike record of 2018: 1,772 vanished vehicles, of which 272 were later found.

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