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The motorcycle has the privilege of boasting a history of over a century and a journey through the years that have moved and thrilled millions of people around the world.

In the history of each of us, there was a moment that marked our growth: the moment in which we cease to be children, and we can get on the saddle of a two-wheeled motor. The columns of Hercules are fourteen years old, the moment when, suddenly, everything changes.

A two-wheeler has marked, for many of those who are reading articles like these, its turning point, the entry into a world whose borders were suddenly enlarged and imagination began to travel in directions that until recently seemed to be, impossible to go.

This is why we believed that it would be an excellent opportunity to retrace the history of the two wheels with a column that would bring to light the historical moments of the motorcycle: from its birth to the first races and competitions, from its most bizarre uses to records and particular anecdotes for reaching our stories and recognizing each of us in a specific moment in this long history that begins almost 150 years ago.

The European beginning

There is confusion, as usual, in trying to figure out who the title is of having been the first and therefore to have the merit of the invention of the first motorcycle in history.

We begin to retrace the first moments of this exciting story by clarifying what he did and when.

The French version

We are in France, in 1869 and the engineer Louis-Guillaume Perreaux deposits patent number 83691 with which he describes a vehicle having two wheels and running on steam called: Vélocipede à Grande Vitesse.

The Italian version

We are in Italy, it is 1879, and we are in the patent office of Rome where the engineer Giuseppe Murnigotti, from Bergamo, deposits the project of a two-wheeled vehicle, two-seater, driven by gas propulsion. The project was never given material follow-up, which means that there was never a prototype of this vehicle (creative Italian thinkers and impractical!).

The German version

We are in Germany, in 1885 and two German inventors (call to talk) built the first two-wheeled vehicle with an internal combustion engine, these are Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach, and we are precisely in Cannstatt, near Stuttgart.

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