Moto story


We are still in the nineteenth century, shortly after the birth of the motorcycle, and to be precise in the late 1800s.

In these years, the phenomenon of the two wheels explodes, and the motorcycle is the theme of development of all the European and world production houses. It is a lucky and marked destiny. The various brands are only giving time to adjust the shot and make the motorcycle a new production and sales sector.

Unlike what can be believed, however, it was not the car manufacturers that attempted to evolve towards the sphere of two-wheeler production. This was done by the bicycle production companies that first understood the possibility of a new and profitable business.

This is the case of the Peugeot that in 1898 presents the first motorcycle equipped with a Dion-Bouton engine at the Paris Motor Show and this is how Peugeot acquires the title of the oldest motorcycle manufacturer in history.

Following this is Triumph, the British bicycle manufacturer, today a well-known manufacturer of motorcycles, to come out in 1898 with the first motorcycle model, followed by the Royal Enfield which in 1901 included in its range of products the first motorcycle of its catalog.

In the United States, the primacy is of the Indian Motorcycle Manufacturing Company or more simply Indian, founded by two famous cyclists, which faces the stage with its first model of 1901 and follows the Harley Davidson in 1903.

It is curious how the first two American production houses, the Indian and the Harley Davidson will also be the only two that will survive the great depression of 29, but this is another story!

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