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A summer in motion, towards a precise destination, or where it carries the heart. It’s the summer we want, it’s the summer you want. Meanwhile, three itineraries, we suggest them to you.

The fact that, in the world, Italy is known as “the beautiful country” says a lot about the enormous landscape variety that characterizes it: art cities, verdant hills and plains, rocky coasts, crystal clear waters.

The prospect of visiting it all, riding a two-wheeler, offers motor-tourism enthusiasts the chance to spend the perfect holiday. Freedom, wind in your face. Move without having a fixed goal. Decide to stop and enjoy a beautiful sunset or to rest after a series of hairpin bends that are difficult to tame.

Whether you are a biker or a centaur on Sunday, “Salta in Sella!” Is for you: itineraries, travel ideas, places to discover. In Italy and everywhere.

Lake Garda: between villages, fresh water and snow-capped peaks.

Lake Garda is similar to a “small sea”, between plain and mountain.

The geography of the area gives this land a unique microclimate: lemon trees, olive trees, heady scents. For motorcyclists, and not only, the shores of Lake Garda offer great emotions.

Extended between Trentino Alto Adige, Lombardy and Veneto, the lake is bordered by the Gardesana, 150 kilometers between the banks of the Benaco and the pre-Alpine hinterland.

There, parade: Sirmione , with the Rocca Scaligera and the thermal baths; Gardone Riviera , with the Vittoriale degli Italiani; Limone sul Garda , with its labyrinth of arcades. Then: the Strada della Forra , defined by Churchill as the eighth wonder of the world; the Terrazza del Brivido, platform suspended at 350 meters, from which a breathtaking view opens up. Culture, views, timeless charm.

Umbria: the beating heart of the country.

The region is known as the “green lung” of our country: unspoiled landscapes, winding valleys and enchanted villages that even in the best Tolkien novels.

What it offers are not peaks or coasts, but splendid art villages all to visit, one after the other, easy to connect with a motorcycle ride. Stand out: Assisi , which gave birth to St. Francis, patron saint of Italy, and to Santa Chiara; Orvieto , famous for its spectacular Duomo, for the palaces, the medieval alleys and the mythical Pozzo di San Patrizio; the “crib” villages, such as Bevagna and Spello ; Gubbio , a splendid medieval center.

But Umbria is also a land of iconic natural places, such as thePiana di Castelluccio , and roads that make riders happy, such as the Bocca Trabaria .

Please note: the itinerary is particularly recommended for lovers of good food!

Amalfi Coast: welcome to the magical south.

UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Amalfi Coast, with its curves overlooking the sea immersed in the Campania Apennines, are more “touring” than you might think.

A perfect example of a Mediterranean landscape, it extends for 11,231 hectares between the Gulf of Naples and the Gulf of Salerno and includes the splendid municipalities of Amalfi , Maiori , Minori , Positano , Ravello and Vietri sul Mare .

Each small town on the Amalfi Coast is distinguished by its own traditions and peculiarities. Among the architectural beauties not to be forgotten: the Romanesque cathedral of Amalfi and its Cloister of Paradise, of clear eastern influence; the church of San Salvatore de ‘Bireto in Atrani, where the investiture ceremony of the Amalfi doges was celebrated; the superb Villa Rufolo of Ravello.

Desire of sea? Among the main beaches, the Grande Beach, reachable on foot, by parking your two wheels in adjacent parking lots; and La Porta, accessible only by sea.

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