Moto story


The American Brand is the effigy of a lifestyle, a culture, a way of living on the road but it is also a story full of facts and meanings, and when you have such a long and varied tale in tones you end up even have a long list of anecdotes, curiosities, and stories that are beyond the regularity of everyday life.

  1. It was one of two motorcycle manufacturing companies to survive the Great Depression. The other company was the Indian (Indian Motorcycle Company). For the long period of the depression, the Harley Davidson decreased the production flow to the minimum, maintaining the production just enough to survive the hard period. When he came out, he had enough money to produce a brand new model: the Three-Wheeled Servicar, produced from 1936 to 1973.
  2. The first Harley was built in a shed, it was little more than a bicycle, and it was not the first model officially produced by the company that arrived on the market two years later. It was 1903.
  3. Do you use the term “hog” to refer to a Harlista? Do you know where it comes from? To those who are riding a Harley Davidson or are part of a group or club, they like to refer to anyone who is a Harist like him with the term “hog.” This word comes from a group of farmers of the 20s. This group of boys riding their Harleys had a very particular mascot: a pig that they pulled out every time they won a race. The motorcycle manufacturer adopted the term and created the acronym HOG which stands for Harley Owners Group or the group that owns a Harley Davidson
  4. It is one of the few companies to have production sites all over the world. Among its locations outside the United States, Brazil, Thailand, and India can be highlighted.
  5. They have been suppliers to US law enforcement for over 100 years.
  6. They were suppliers during the First World War, as the Triumph was for Great Britain. The government of the United States of America commissioned 15,000.
  7. For a concise time, Harley Davidson produced bicycles for children; it was 1917.
  8. There is a mechanical reason that justifies the exceptional sound of the Harley Davidson engine: the goal is in the misalignment of the 45 ° engine bursts.
  9. The oldest Harley Davidson club dates back to 1928
  10. Harley Davidson’s merchandising covers 5% of its revenue. It is not just value if you consider that only in 2016 the company produced and sold 262,000 motorcycles in the world!

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