Best motorcycle rain suit: buying guide

Rain suits for motorcycles are particularly advantageous for those who have to face a journey under the impact of rain that can really be an obstacle to our driving. Get more on motorcycle rainsuit review. That’s why fitting out suits that can protect us from rain and wind is an optimal solution. When choosing the best rain suit, however, the fit factor comes into play, which is at least as fundamental as that of the material chosen to make the suit.

The suit must fit perfectly and therefore guarantee maximum comfort. In addition, it must be able to ensure good visibility on the road, which is why they are often made in bright colours such as yellow or bright green. Below you will find a shopping guide with the best motorcycle rain suits currently available on Amazon. Which is your favourite model?


This model of the PACIFIC H20 is highly appreciated by online users as it does not simply have an excellent integrated protection system, but is something more visible and considered its exceptional fit. In fact, it fits perfectly ensuring maximum comfort. From a structural point of view it can rely on a long diagonal zipper, but above all on a high quality fabric such as nylon that completely covers the interior avoiding that the body can be attached to the garments underneath under the weight of rain.

INTERA PACIFIC 2 H20 on Amazon

On balance we are looking at a 100% waterproof suit, breathable but also very practical because of its excellent fit. Among the strong points is the presence of a pocket on the upper leg in addition to the placement of reflective panels on the shoulders and lower legs to ensure absolute visibility. Bearing in mind that the PACIFIC H2O has created for those who are looking for a model with which to stand out more on the road another version completely in neon yellow high visibility.


If you’re looking for a rain suit, this model is for you. In fact we are in front of a suit including jacket and pants with which you can protect yourself from the rain safely and reliably. Particularly interesting is the structure of this outer protection in polyester with a windproof and waterproof character.

It allows you to protect yourself from the water thanks to the presence not only of good taped seams on the whole neck included but also of a waterproof cover on the central zip characterized by the combined use of Velcro and zip to isolate the whole area.

The list of its advantages is completed by a series of interesting features such as the reflective inserts on the legs and back, as well as the Velcro adjustment of the ankles to adapt the suit to your needs, up to the maxi gusset at the ankles to facilitate dressing and the relative comfortable ergonomic foldable hood positioned in the neck area.

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